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Dear Anonymous Podficcer,

Nice to meet you! ITPE is over, what brings you to this page? In any case, *whisper* I love you.

  • Fandoms:

 Hockey RPF:

Sid/Geno, Jamie/Tyler, Leafs pairings, the Avs, the WHL, the Oilers, some random other pairs…  Feel free to go for anything, I’ll just google the names I don’t know.

My non-existing kingdom for female characters in Hockey fic, be it WHL players, supportive characters, OCs, rule 63, etc.
Btw, in regards to non-famous characters in RPF: I’m of the Fuck Canon school of reading. So I see them kind of like OCs or fandom-made characters in FPF and I don’t mind them at all. If that’s not the way you see it, no problem! But yeah.

My second non-existing kingdom for support staff characters and behind the scene stories. I live for take-your-fandom-to-work (or just, like, really convincing industry talk, whichever). Who even cares about winning?

And my imaginary third kidney for softness in sports. Team as family. Softest bros. Players’ wellfare and happiness as a measure of a franchise’s success and outreach programs or charity work as its primary goals. Like, seriously, why is winning cups all we should care about?

I’m a bit :\ at non-hockey AUs, but give me “one of them is not a hockey player” any day. It feels strange to say, because what even is canon in an RPF fandom, but please, all the canon divergence fics. Also, magic realism?? so good. And omg this fandom has some absolutely gorgeous texts I could listen to just for the beauty of the words.

SUPERSTITION VERSE. I’m (01/01/19) gearing up to record Breakaway and will also record Until the Whistle, and I’d prefer to not get those as gifts (I prefer to record cold, I’d have to wait until I’d recorded them to listen to your version ; ;), but anything else would AMAZEBALLS seriously I’d love you forever.

Podfic meta:

Any and all pairings- kidding. Any and all types of meta. Opinion piece, director’s cut/commentary of a project, interview, statistical analysis, pitch for a challenge or exchange, random rambles, whatever. I’ll take it all.


And NOW the stuff I should be able to get back into once I emerge from all the hockey and start looking around again:

Mostly Jaytim, Jaydick, Superbat and Batfamily in general. I mean, I have nothing against all the other DC characters, it’s just that I’m not that familiar with them (I’ve only ever read fics), so I don’t care about them (yet). If you want to pitch me some Timkon, or some other ship, and it hits my Want list, go for it! But in general, there’s some real potential for hurt/comfort and found family feels in this canon, is all I’m saying.

I don’t really ship Emily with anyone, but otherwise I’m down for any ship. Usually more low-chaos than high, because I’m fluffy like that. Found families, OT3s (OT4 but lbr who’s gonna write it), yay! Lore and worldbuilding? yes plz. Canon divergence and fixing all the horrible canon stuff, often after making it even worse… yep, here for this.

Final Fantasy XV:
I’d love something plotty or fix-it-y. Not very interested in the canon Brotherhood era or anything too mundane, and I don’t usually ship Ignis with anyone (except in OT4s or more). I love me some Prompto angst, love the older gen, can see Ardyn as the Big Bad or as a good guy depending on the fic, and will take all the worldbuilding. All of it.
I’m not sure I like Luna as a character, (too good, in a way? Idk, she doesn’t feel fleshed out in the fics I’ve read) but another fic, another interpretation, right?

Katekyou Hitman Reborn!:
I’m more into gen for that one, but also give me whatever. I have very very little recollection of canon, and there isn’t enough fics to fix that, which means that you don’t have to worry about OOC. Seriously, I can’t even remember what most of the characters look like. But omg the found family feels. The fealty aspect. The possible chara/friendship developments. Happy sigh.

I really like fics that explore the universe, in a nerdy, sociology/political science/LOGIC sort of way. Well, that and crack. Canon-divergence/fix-it, will make me swoon. Also, this is one of the fandoms where I read the most tropy stuff. Time travel, role reversal, whatever. I mean, magic ninjas??
I’m absolutely here for everything from the founders to the end of Naruto (which I did not watch/read after I stopped following yeaaars ago, and uhm can somebody explain wtf moon bunny goddess alien??) I’m also here for background characters and rare pairs. I’m why/why not at KakaIru, really not invested in canon!Sasuke (like, there’s one (1) fic I can remember that gave me Sasuke feels and that’s it), and Boruto who?

Most main ships. R76, Mchanzo, Widowtracer, Genyatta… but also R76Ana, Hana/anyone, Widow/Tracer/Emily, etc. Usually, McReyes and Roadrat is a no, but *shrug* My one caveat is that I want happy/hopeful endings and healthy endgame dynamics (looking at you R76). To be honest, I expected more found family/team-as-family feels from that fandom, and also more canon-divergence/fix-it, and of course I’m weak for Talon operatives helping each other out and taking the whole thing down, because both. Also, complex moral questions? world-scale worldbuilding? language nerdery?? Yes.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:
I can’t believe HP sucked me back in. After all these years. Anyway. Newt, Graves and Credence, mostly. I don’t know how the new movie will influence the fandom/me, but you can already be sure that I’m very Meh about Grindelwald’s general existence.
Like usual, h/C, canon divergence, etc etc.


  • Other other fandoms:

If none of these fandoms inspire you, do feel free to branch out! Hamlet, Jupiter Ascending, Teen Wolf, Rivers of London, Bleach, One Piece, Le Pacte des Marchombres and many more were all considered for that list at some point or another, and original works (including fairy tales and various mythologies) are always welcome. I’m familiar with a lot of bigger fandoms too, though be aware that my ao3 is not a good indicator of which ones I actually know or am into.

If you’d be up for coming up with some words of your own, be it traditional fic, meta or not!fic, here’s my wishlist tag, and my twitter also has notfic rambles, if you can find anything through the mess. You don’t have to stick to that, of course.

And you know where to find me if you want more info!

  • Pairings and ratings:

If I haven’t specified otherwise above, then I’ll take anything you can sell me. Slash, femslash, het, polya, it’s all good, and gen is always an option.

For ratings, anything goes, from the PGest gen to ever rate to the filthiest PWP you could find. I’m okay with physical violence but psychological violence is more complicated. DNWs below!


  • I do not like:

Large gaps in maturity or authority:
It’s not really about the numbers, it’s more about the perceived power imbalance: I’m usually fine with Corvo/Jessamine or Gladio/Noctis in canonical settings, but teacher/student and corporate boss/employee AU are usually a no. It doesn’t have to be a direct hierarchical difference: a character hitting on their colleague or superior too clumsily will make me cringe. It’s more about what if one of them didn’t want it? What if they want to break it off? What would happen, then? If this is acknowledged and accounted for, we’re good.

Unhealthy or problematic dynamics
that are not addressed:
So anything non/dubconny, but also ‘socially acceptable’ abusive behaviours (jealousy, light stalking, disrespecting boundaries and agency ‘for your own good’, etc), most traditional A/B/O and soulbound AUs, power differences as explained above, and really, anything that make you go ‘hmmmm’ in a bad way. Once again, if the problematic thing is acknowledged at some point, or better yet, worked on to the extent the situation allows, then we’re good.

Incest, daddy kink:
Francophone brain here, daddy = father, and while I’m becoming less squicked out by sibling incest, intergenerational stuff is still a no-go. If you want to be safe, just avoid all of it. Otherwise, ask me? There are cases where I don’t mind, but not many.

Character bashing:
Though I guess it could be ok if it’s in a cracky way, or if it’s just some minor character I don’t know anything about. And I’m totally ok with trashing the opposite side (fuck TBS s3 Damien) if it’s justified (fuck that guy). (Really. Fuck him.) By the way, sure way to break my hear? Make me care about complex, sympathetic characters and then pit them against each other with good reasons and no actual way of avoiding the conflict. (Kubera, this is why I stopped reading you…)

Mean characters’ POV:
I’m not sure how to describe this. Basically, I hate all the nasty violent emotions that come with being inside an abuser or a bigot’s head. I’m okay with a character being mean when it comes from hurt, as a defense mechanism, or from ignorance, if it’s the starting point for future character development. But school made me read The Killer Inside Me and Emile Zola and, oh gosh, Poil de Carotte, and. NOPE.
Although, in podfics, the narrator has the prerogative when it comes to choosing the tone, so there’s room for making potentially mean words kind. If you want to go for that sort of challenge, I’ll gladly take it! Just be careful.

Unhappy endings:
including major character death, minor characters being miserable, random dogs dying, etc. I’m ok with ambiguous endings sometimes, if the fic is good enough/if it just makes sense, but please don’t make me too sad *puppy dog eyes* Angst is totally fine! As long as there’s some comfort after all that suffering.

Mostly as a non-sex thing, but also kind of as a sex thing. Just. Second-hand embarrassment.

As in, someone who really does not want to see this could actually walk in any minute. I’m totally fine with other forms of exhibitionism.

Very tropey stuff and mundane AUs:
Like, I’d still enjoy a totally mundane college AU, because it’s you, and if it’s really good I might even love it, but it’d be a harder sell. Now, canon-divergent coffeeshops or whatever, I’m totally here for! It’s just the modern/normal AUs that tend to bore me. Similarly, curtain fic is usually a ‘meh’, as well as kid fic, fake dating, high school AUs, wedding fic, de-aging, etc. The one exception is if you’re actually teaching me something, in a take-your-fandom-to-work kind of way.
Romance is okay if it’s full of the stuff I do like, but classic Hallmark-style fluff, ehhh. I like it more for some ships than others, but a lot of the time, I’d prefer if the focus was on the characters or on the plot rather than just on them getting/being together.

Miscommunication for the sake of tension/plot and not chara dev:
“Just talk to each other already!”
Good: they need to grow as people and in regards to each other in order to be able to acknowledge their feelings and make something of them. Bad: the whole tension could be resolved by blurting it out and once they do everything is fixed, as if the sheer lack of communication skills wasn’t going to come back and bite them in the ass at the next opportunity.

Case fics/adventure/etc:
Ok if the case is the setting for the rest of the fic or whatever, but the actual detective part usually bores me. Same for adventure. I’m totally here for the characters’ interactions and the world-building! But the action itself, meh.


  • I do like

Anything meta:
Essays, media fic, not!fic, podfic meta, whatever. Just give it to me.

Experimental styles:
Beautiful, poetic prose and/or emotional, train-of-thought prose. Poesy, interactive stuff, unusual writing styles or formats, etc. But also sound effects, music, singing, accents and languages, memory experiments, improv, fancy covers, videos and so on. Knock yourself out (if you want to).
On the same note, I’m perfectly fine with micro podfics, podfics without covers, raw podfics, WIPs, etc. Do as much or as little as you have the time/energy to do, have fun, and I’ll be happy!

Character-driven stories:
Complex, realistic characters and how they react to the situations they’re faced with. Yessssss.

Canon divergence, fix-it and world-building:
For divergences, think butterfly effect and what-ifs. The nerd in me who’s always screaming about logic loves those. For fix-its, combine the nerd with the fluff monster. The world-building thing is all about exploring possibilities and, once again, LOGIC.

Crack and humor:
There is a line between good crack and bad logic, but I couldn’t tell you where it is, so *shrug*.

The comfort part of h/c:
And I like it double if the hurt comes from canon. Like, exploring how fucked up canon actually is and how, logically, these characters need therapy? Yesssss. But as always, if your local store doesn’t have it, homemade is fine.
I don’t know if that makes sense, but there’s this specific, understated kind of angst where it’s just a few words but you feel them like a fucking suckerpunch to the guts, and it’s like, you could drown in the chasm, there, if you let yourself, but life goes on, and then things start getting better and you start fixing up the damage piece by piece and, at this point, I’ve melted into a puddle of feels.

Healthy interactions and relationships:
Gentle interactions, loving interactions, nice interactions. Soft friendships. People looking out for each other and taking care of each other. Both in big ways, like found families, or in small. And I do mean small. I once squeed for 20 minutes because some random OC gave the main character a cookie.

Non-traditional relationships, intimacy:
Polya, open, queerplatonic, found families… But please no fuck-buddies pining for each other. And also, aro here, I just don’t understand the appeal of traditional romance and exclusivity. But I do love intimacy of any kind! (and physical demonstrations of affection, and soft things, and-).

Porn (cw: sex and kinks):
Expanding on that comfort and fluff trend, I like my porn wholesome (as in, full of good feels, you don’t need to hold back on the kinks (please don’t)), and also I really like people getting overwhelmed in a good way. Oversensitivity, edging, praise kink… Not all kinks are my kinks, of course. Scat/watersport, heavy blood play, daddy/mommy kink, pet play, rape fantasies, non-consensual exhibitionism and probably many others that I’m forgetting, but as long as you avoid my other DNWs you should be good.

OCs: random cookie-giving OCs, outsider’s POVs, but even SIs or character/OC in some cases. I’m looking for two things here: healthy interactions and world-building.

Fic in non-English languages: French is my native language (though I’m not a snob when it comes to French learners and non-Parisian French, no worries), and I’m far enough into learning German that I should understand what’s going on. Not in Spanish, but I’ll just read the text as I listen. Other non-English (and/or non-standard) languages are totally welcome, too! I will listen to it three times and squee about how good it sounds and your voice and your awesomeness, even if I don’t understand a word of it.


  • How to contact me:, Annapodfics @iamapodperson on twitter, Annapods on tumblr, dreamwidth and pillowfort. Feel free to do it anonymously or to go through someone else if needed.


  • TL;DR:

I really like fluff and character development and healthy dynamics, but also the comfort part of hurt/comfort, and world-building and canon divergence. Even though I am made of soft, I do not usually like curtain fic, mundane AUs or very tropey romance. I love meta and experimental styles. I can usually be convinced to change my preferences for a good story. And ultimately, I’ll enjoy whatever you end up doing, if only because you made it for me!


(Last edited 01/01/2019 (yeah I know))

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