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Title: Street’s an empty stage by Grim_lupine
Reader: Annapods
Occasion: wild square for the Podfic Bingo 2018
Fandom: Men’s Hockey RPF
Pairing: Nicklas Backstrom/Alexander Ovechkin
Length: 00:33:52
Summary: Over their heads, in this little dream world Nicklas has built, the sun is blazing at it's peak, searing them where they sit. The light bathes Alex a molten gold. He couldn't look any other way in Nicklas’s head, of course.
Nicklas is cracked open, exposed.

Link to Podfic: Ao3 (streaming) - Dropbox (download and streaming, mp3) - Archive.org


Title: Burn Your Kingdom Down by Somehowunbroken
Reader: Annapods
Occasion: gen square of my Podfic Bingo 2018
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: mostly gen
Length: 01:49:12
Content warnings: some creepy supernatural themes, injuries
Summary: On June 26, 2015, Connor McDavid is drafted to the Edmonton Oilers. A few days later, he finds out that his new team is cursed.
Things get complicated after that.

Link to Podfic: Ao3 (streaming) - Dropbox (download and streaming) - Google drive (download and streaming)


Title: Good as Gold series by Vidriana
Reader: Annapods
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: Henrik Lundqvist/William Nylander, William Nylander/Swedish Worlds 2017 team, Nicklas Backstrom/William Nylander
Length: 00:47:57 + 02:33:45
Credits: Cover of Gold by Jesse J, by KtAmelia

Summary: Henrik looks down at himself, then around the room and notes that everyone else is already stripped down to their shorts, while he still hasn't even taken off his pads. Hastily he reaches down to the first buckle holding them in place, but a hand stops him
Team Sweden wins Worlds.


“Now that I’ve gotten everyone’s attention,” Henke starts, amusement and satisfaction thick in his voice, “I think we can start this off properly.” Willy turns back around to face the others. They’re all, without a single exception, staring at him.
Henke wraps an arm around him so that Willy’s back rests snugly against his chest. His breath ghosts along Willy’s ear, his voice low and intimate when he asks, “So? Which one do you want to start with?”
Willy spends an evening getting almost everything he really wants.

Link to Podfic: Ao3 (streaming) - Dropbox (download and streaming, mp3) - Google Drive (download and streaming, mp3)


Title: I’ll know it at the hook by Lotts
Reader: Annapods
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: Zach Hyman/William Nylander
Length: 05:19:52
Content warnings: sexual content
Credits: see ao3 work for playlist
Summary: “I like you more when you’re honest,” Willy says.
“I think we’ve established that I don’t care if you like me,” Zach says. “I just want to know if you were planning on kissing me again.”
(In which Zach Hyman has a few problems with William Nylander, and a giant William Nylander problem.)

Ao3 - Dropbox (mp3, chapter by chapter - m4b) - Google Drive (mp3, chapter by chapter - m4b)

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