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Title: By the Sea by Mwestbelle
Reader: Annapods
Occasion: Lucifuge5’s birthday
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Frank Iero/Jamia Nestor/Gerard Way
Length: 00:12:08
Content warnings: sexual content, some exhibitionism
Summary: East coast family day at the beach with candy and cuddles, with a little D/s for flavor.

Link to Podfic: Ao3 (streaming) - Dropbox (download and streaming, mp3) - Tumblr (streaming)


Title: Hunting Lessons by Entanglednow
Reader: Annapods
Occasion: RsCreighton’s birthday
Fandom: Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog + Supernatural
Pairing: Billy/Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Length: 00:27:58
Content warnings: sex, incest
Summary: Dean slides the freeze ray between the two front seats, business end not pointing anywhere where it's going to embarrass anyone. The Winchesters also know their firearms, no matter how unique. Dr. Horrible sits awkwardly between them in the sudden silence. He knows this is technically consorting with the enemy, but he's more than willing to better arm monster hunters, at least since he found out the monsters were real.

Link to Podfic: Ao3 (streaming) - Dropbox (download and streaming, mp3) - Tumblr (streaming)


Title: At the Shoreline by Tuesday
Reader: Annapods
Occasion: Kess’s birthday
Fandom: Original work
Pairing: pre-OFC/OFC
Length: 00:12:15
Content warnings: Body and fridge horror, implied cannibalism
Summary: The stranger came in every Wednesday, when the sun was low and the tide was still coming in.

Link to Podfic: Ao3 (streaming) - Dropbox (download and streaming, mp3) - Tumblr (streaming)


Title: Existence Is An Act by ShanaStoryteller
Reader: Annapods
Fandom: Detroit: Become Human
Pairing: Kara/North, Hank Anderson/Connor
Length: 03:17:11
Summary: Connor fails his first mission. His entire series is decommissioned and labeled a failure.
He ends up getting picked up at the junkyard, put back together again, and sold to the Eden Club. That's where he meets Lieutenant Hank Anderson, and gains a second chance to prove himself.

Link to Podfic: Ao3 (streaming) - tumblr (streaming) - Dropbox, mp3 (download and streaming, chapter by chapter) - - Dropbox, m4b (download)

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